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COVID-19 pandemic – news, recommendations and instructions

COVID-19 pandemic – Latest news, recommendations and instructions:

Official recommendations from Croatian institute of public health:

Recommendations and instructions of the Croatian Institute of public Health for passengers crossing the state border of the Republic of Croatia.

The Croatian government has launched a new website for tourists who #EnterCroatia in order to shorten waiting time at the border!

What to expect when you cross Croatian border?

  • In the event that symptoms of acute respiratory infection occur (cough, sore throat, elevated body temperature, shortness of breath/trouble breathing, loss of smell and taste) it is necessary to stay at home/accommodation and notify the chosen family physician, if they have one (Croatian citizens), or the territorially competent epidemiologist.
  • In the event that severe, life-threatening symptoms suddenly occur, the person should contact the urgent medical services.In the event that symptoms of respiratory disease occur. If you develop respiratory disease symptoms (elevated body temperature, cough, shortness of breath, trouble breathing, sore throat, weakness) call your chosen physician, who will evaluate the need for testing for the novel coronavirus on the basis of your health condition. If you require medical assistance for reasons other than respiratory diseases, call your chosen physician or have one of your household members contact him for a consultation and to arrange a house visit. Do not go to a healthcare facility alone without notifying them over the telephone beforehand. You can read more information about the coronavirus disease and measures for reducing the risk of spreading the disease on the CIPH (Croatian Institute of Public Health) website, as well as from your chosen doctor and territorially competent epidemiologist.
  • COVID-19 ambulance for Dubrovnik-neretva County:

    Phone: + 385 20 64 16 13

    Cell: + 385 99 52 91 888

    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • dr. Miljenko Ljubić, epidemiologist

    Contact: 020/680-299; 098/243-454


Testing centers in Croatia:

COVID-19 Latest news:

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