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Roman night in Narona

Posted by: on: 26/11/2012

Every year the Roman night in Narona organizes new happenings, related to the theme the particular year.

The event is designed as a one-day ancient festival which seeks to evoke the spirit of Narona and to give an insight into the life of the ancient Romans.

So far they have covered topics such as Roman crafts, entertainment, making jewelry and cosmetics, roman games which are presented through a variety of activities and presentations to introduce the culture of the Roman period, as in the daily life in the Roman Narona.

Exotic dancers, jugglers with fire, a lot of dance and music, games for children and delicious Roman cuisine complements a rich program. The particularity of this event is to include almost all the inhabitants of the village Vid who typically volunteer as residents of the ancient Narona wearing clothes and shoes from that period.

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