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Green energy and cycling - novelties for the season 2017.

Posted by: on: 17/03/2017

Over the past year, four smart benches Steora, two interactive info kiosks and Ellen electric vehicle charging station have been set up. Also, pedestrian - bicycle path in the city center (1 km long) was built and the bicycle route Prud-Dragovija-Vid (MTB, 12 km) has been equipped with bike signs.

Integrated solar panels power Steora bench. Carefully optimizing its energy consumption, Steora never shuts down and works autonomously irregardless of weather conditions. Steora is equipped with a wireless device charger and two smart USB connectors (10W) , providing fast charging for mobile devices whilst ensuring battery protection.

Full front glass touch interactive public info sign is a modern information kiosk. Tourists can search for relevant information is an interactive tourist map of the town and its surroundings. Also they can learn about destination, search hotel and private accommodation in this area, restaurants, events, attractions and other interesting facilities.

ELEN electric vehicle charging station is located at King Tomislav Square, and it is possible to simultaneously charge two vehicles, by AC mod3 tipe2 method, with charging time 1:00 to 4:00 hours, depending on the vehicle battery. Charging is now for free, but is only possible with RFID identification card.

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