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This years 33nd traditional "Moonlight Shines Down on Neretva" festival of folkdances will bring together groups from Dalmatia, rest of Croatia and abroad in Metković.

This festival aims to introduce cultural and entertainment events that take place more in the summer time, as well as further evaluate and contribute to the preservation of cultural and traditional customs.

This festival is organized by the Metkovic Folklore Society.

11 May 2017 -Exhibition of art works and folk material from Letovanić (Thursday) (GKS Metković)

12 May 2017 - Festival of folklore groups of Dalmatia and guests (Friday) (GKS Metković)

13 May 2017 -Smotra folk groups of Dalmatia and guests (Saturday) (GKS Metković)

14 May 2017 - Concert Marian pilgrimage and folk songs (Sunday) devoted to the worship of Our Lady of Health (St.. Elijah - Metković)

The 5th International Fair of Agricultural and Rural Products "Eco Rural" will be held on 13.5.2017, in Metković, City park, starting at 10 am.

J A V N I  P O Z I V

za dostavu prijava za stručno osposobljavanje za rad bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa u Turističkoj zajednici Grada Metkovića

Na temelju Zakona o poticanju zapošljavanja („Narodne novine“ br. 57/12, 120/12, 16/17), a u cilju korištenja mjere “Stručno osposobljavanje za rad bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa” putem Hrvatskog zavoda za zapošljavanje (u nastavku: HZZ), Turistička zajednica Grada Metkovića  (u nastavku: TZG Metkovića) iskazuje interes i potrebu za prijem polaznika za stručno osposobljavanje za rad bez zasnivanja radnog odnosa.

Tekst javnog poziva možete preuzeti u privitku.

We are pleased to announce the seminar  “Birding tourism in Neretva delta”organized by Association BIOM that will take place in Natural History Museum Metković on 19th of April, 2017.

The main goal of the seminar is to present the potential of birding tourism in Neretva delta and to discuss the responsibilities of good birding tourist operators. Furthermore, we will host an experienced photographer who will explain us the importance of knowing the basic principles of  wildlife photography.  The seminar is organized as part of the project “Adriatic Flyway 3″ funded by Euronatur and Mava.

For further information please contact Ivana Selanec,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Over the past year, four smart benches Steora, two interactive info kiosks and Ellen electric vehicle charging station have been set up. Also, pedestrian - bicycle path in the city center (1 km long) was built and the bicycle route Prud-Dragovija-Vid (MTB, 12 km) has been equipped with bike signs.

Integrated solar panels power Steora bench. Carefully optimizing its energy consumption, Steora never shuts down and works autonomously irregardless of weather conditions. Steora is equipped with a wireless device charger and two smart USB connectors (10W) , providing fast charging for mobile devices whilst ensuring battery protection.

Full front glass touch interactive public info sign is a modern information kiosk. Tourists can search for relevant information is an interactive tourist map of the town and its surroundings. Also they can learn about destination, search hotel and private accommodation in this area, restaurants, events, attractions and other interesting facilities.

ELEN electric vehicle charging station is located at King Tomislav Square, and it is possible to simultaneously charge two vehicles, by AC mod3 tipe2 method, with charging time 1:00 to 4:00 hours, depending on the vehicle battery. Charging is now for free, but is only possible with RFID identification card.

III.Metkovska Skalinada / International stair climbing race is organized by Sports Association Neretva Run Metković

Date: March 19th 2017 12:00

Distance: 1470 meters

Number of stairs: 538

Altitude: 0-70mNv

III. International STAIR CLIMBING RACE Metković - children born 2006 and younger  19.03.2017. 10:30, length: 0,1 km

Days of father Ante Gabrić

Posted by on: 22/02/2017

The town of Metković will commemorate with a comprehensive program in the duration of eight days - from February 20th to February 28th 2017, the 102nd anniversary of the birth of the most famous Croatian missionary and a native of Metković – Father Ante Gabrić.


Carnival festivities 2017

Posted by on: 16/02/2017
Carnival festivities begin on Sunday, February 19th with a carnival parade of children from kindergarten, which will start at 15:00 from the Central kindergarten to the City Sports Hall.
A big spectacle will start at 4 PM  - Masked Ball for children and youth with Dance school Calypso and DJ Dirka.
On Saturday, February 25th, starting at 20 hours will be a traditional gala party at Narona.
Big masked parade will be held on Sunday, February 26th. It will start in front of City sports hall at 3 PM, and will end up on the King Tomislav Square at about 5 PM.
Warning for parade participants: in the parade can not participate unregistered vehicles or drunken drivers!
On Tuesday, February 28th will be the final carnival day. The trial and sentencing will begin at 6 pm, and burning Marko Krnjeval will be around 18:30.

Culinary event "Days of Kale and dry meat - Raštikijada" is organized by the Youth Association of Vid, on Narona square, next to the Archaeological Museum of Narona. The goal of "Raštikijada" is to go back to the kitchen of our grandmothers, make home antique dishes and socialize in comfortable surroundings, and that this event became a tradition in Neretva area. Cold weather, warm platter and a glass of wine with live music are ideal to fight the coldness!

XCM Stipe Čamber

Posted by on: 31/01/2017

XCM Stipe Camber is a traditional MTB race, 8th round recreational XC winter league Dalmatia organized by BK Metković and Tourist board Metković

In addition to the main race, the children's race will be organized in categories U-10, U-12 and U-14, which will start at 11AM. With this race we want the youngest to feel and experience the beauty of mountain biking.